R- age 17+ Harry Potter RP starting from very beginning recreating history and living in as well. Be your favorite character recreate there story or start your own
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 This Site is Made For Memory Of Alan Rickman

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PostSubject: This Site is Made For Memory Of Alan Rickman   Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:59 am

Just year ago during January 14th, 2016 Alan Rickman who played Sirius Snape passed away battle his life by cancer at age 69. He play on most stunning movies and was such amazing person to be inspired by. Which why I made this site ever since I was little girl I loved Harry Potter series and being stunned by magical things it shown during in movies.

 Professor Snape is amazing character although he shows himself dark and shallow in the beginning but in secret he was protecting Harry Potter the whole time because loved his mother even though in life she wasn't married to him and never end up getting the one he loved. Some people judge  Alan Rickman's  character taught us when you loose someone you care about you must protect something that is health of them even if you need to join darkside being against them to protect that one thing.

So welcome to site! Enjoy being member here and remember we're family. Smile As honor Alan Rickman.

Created During January 15th, 2017.
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This Site is Made For Memory Of Alan Rickman
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